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Tiny Hands - Middle Fingers up! (5 pack)

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Middle Finger Tiny Hands

Feeling a little bottled up? Need to vent to the world your frustration and emotions? Look no further then these Middle Finger Tiny Hands. Not only are they awesome, but they serve a purpose, and that purpose is JUSTICE!


  •  5x tiny hands finger puppets.
  •  Funny gag gift for music festivals, birthday parties, bar nights, viral videos, or to relieve stress.
  •  Fits on your fingers to supply endless Middle Fingers!
  •  Perfect for when your emotions need an outlet. A FUNNY ONE!
  •  Skin safe material that bends and folds but retains its shape perfectly it also resists more dust and dirt compared to softer models.


Flesh tone Semi-flexible material. High quality non-toxic material...Please note, this item can be considered a choking hazard for children due to its small size.
Thank you and enjoy!